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If you are an FGA Patreon I thank you. I value your patience, your support and your encouragement.

I believe the key benefit I offer to FPV quadcopter enthusiasts is my depth of knowledge. I work closely with a wide range of component manufacturers, designers, suppliers and commercial interests. I couple my highly tuned piloting skills with my in-depth technical knowledge (RC models, gliding and general aviation).

Over the years I have given away my knowledge freely but 2018 is going to be the year that my Patreons (and paying supporters) will get priority access to my knowledge. Patreons will be given special access and get answers to important questions they might have and also get a regular personal glimpse into the current quadcopter industry from my point of view (apart from trade and development secrets that I obviously cannot legally divulge).

Less hype, less misinformation, less bullshit - just direct no-nonsense answers including links to resources, videos that explain, and special interest interviews that debunk propaganda.

All this in a special place that is only available to my Patreons. If you have'nt yet signed up - don't delay. Here is a special something for my Patreons that not too many people have seen.

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"Chad Nowak (FinalGlideAUS) is well known for his constant and valuable contributions for the FPV quadcopter community over many years. Not only is he involved in the practical aspects of the hobby like developments of motors, props, firmware and frames but also has a say on the ethical part of the sport." Norbet Machinek (Flyduino)