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I speak on numerous community podcasts and video shows - FaceBook live feeds, YouTube video feeds, Twitch etc. I find that many lines of questioning often get interrupted and cut short by interjections (and other nonsense). What also happens is that the information offered is easily lost over time. My aim is to index Shooting the Shit talks so that topics/information discussed will be available for reviewing later. It means that I will need to work on a system of indexing information - a job I will leave to my web master :-)

The information I provide to all my Patreons is free.

An FGA "reward program" is currently under develpment but, as I have said all along, if you value what I do then I thank you for whatever amount you feel you can afford to give.

"If anyone can give us a reasoned and deeply considered opinion its FGA. Thanks for being both a clown and sage in this community Chad Nowak." Wholly (anonomous)

I get many questions thrown at me every day so the best way for Patreons to contact me is to use the questionaire. responses are monitored daily and question/requests are recorded and catalogued. This questionaire will help me to use your ideas as a basis for topics for an exclusive Patreon video cast I am calling "Shooting the Shit".

Each week I will prioritise Patreon questions and use them as topics of wider community interest in my "Shoot the Shit" video cast. I will try to answer urgent Patreon questions personally but given my high work load at times, understandably, there might be a delay - especially if I am on the road.

Technical questions are ok - hopefully I can answer them.

Product questions? Clones are not fair game so I might pass on some of those.

Suggestions/recommend/advice? Sure.

Industry trends/insights opinions - only interested in talking factually.