Quadcopter R&D Consultant

How did you get into FPV Quads? How long have you been flying? What setup do you currently fly and what influenced your choice? What has been your best and worst experience in this hobby. What do you think the future will hold for you in this hobby? Have you helped others get into this sport? What aspects of FPV really turns you on? Are there any FPV personalities you follow and why? Do you have a favourite flying spot? What is your FPV dream - where would you like to fly? What is the one thing you would personally like to improve? What are your biggest frustrations?  Is there any advice you would be prepared to give someone just getting into this hobby?

Share with me your FPV story, your FPV journey, your FPV experiences.

My aim is to highlight an FPV pilot (or two) each month in my FGA newsletters so that we can all enjoy reading about the experiences of our peers.

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Tell me your FPV story

"I have derived immense pleasure over the years promoting this wonderful hobby - a hobby that has changed people's lives for the better. One of the most satisfying aspects is hearing people's personal FPV jouney - stories which seldom get told. Here is your chance to tell your FPV story."