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I have been invited to demonstrate drone technology and the possible applications of quadcopters across numerous industries. I demonstrate and educate the public on realistic possibilities of using quadcopter technology at Science and Technology exhibitions (including formal government and business information sessions). I regularly give practical exhibitions at primary and secondary schools and present to tertiary training organisations. I am happy to discuss your particular requirements. from racing to freestyle, from manufacturing to consumerism, from future trends to current limitations.


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"Chad has shown a level of passion second to none. He has tirelessly spent his time becoming a master in his field, working continuously to expand his knowledge and skills. Perhaps more remarkably he has displayed that he is willing to share his passion, spending countless hours helping and educating people."  Sean Blakemore (ImpulseRC)

"I have always admired Chad Nowak but I saw a different side of Chad at the World Drone Sports Summit. Not only did Chad do his usual amazing job of making all the pilots at the games feel special but he also threw himself in the negotiations. Chad ensured that pilot needs were not forgotten while we all discussed the future of the sport. One of the most modest men I have ever met I know he will probably not accept he did anything special but his opinions and insight helped grease the wheels of progress in ways he will never know. So thank you Chad - my hat off to you."

Nigel Tomlinson (ERSA)

Topics - suggestions

+ latest drone research and development

+ drone componentry - combining the bits

+ where this sport/hobby is heading

+ drone racing and freestyle eventing

+ advice for novices/beginners

+ advanced piloting techniques (tips/tricks)

+ what's possible / what's not

+ personal experiences of a pro drone pilot

+ 12mths living out of suitcase

+ traveling with quads

+ Rotor Riot presenter experiences

+ epic drone adventures

+ the FPV experience - changing lives

+ videography techniques