FPV weekend with FGA

$450 - two days, one night.

Free accommodation on-site.

Food extra - according to attendee needs.

Limit of 3 attendees or less.

Location : My back yard - Ormeau Hills, Qld.

Immerse yourself totally in an FPV experience.

Forested valley landscape location with a natural  obstacle course right outside the back door.

A chance to ask those difficult questions you have always wanted to ask.

Get straight answers about products, design, components, techniques and innovation.

No bullshit, no commercial claptrap, no marketing hype - just factual information and fun activities.

Build, fly, maintain, experience. Maybe crash.

"Chad Nowak is a very talented individual. He is both a charming personality and an incredibly skilled pilot with a wealth of technical knowlege that he willingly shares with members of the FPV community. I was privilaged to spent time at his place and am so jealous - he has a natural forest right outside his door - an amazing flying location. I thoroughly recommend spending time with FinalGlideAUS."

Noelli Satorio (OrigiriFPV)

"I need to make a few things very clear to people interested in attending my Weekend with FGA. Firstly, if you want to come to get pointers on how to be a world class racing pilot just remember that I can certainly give you lots of advice but you will need to temper this advice with the knowledge that I have not raced for some time. Likewise if you come to tax my brain on how to best tune your quad remember that tuning is a very personal thing. Taking my PIDs for example and using them in your quad could mean you never see your quad ever again. As for smooth flying and cool video recording/editing and filming advice, yes I can talk to you about this, but video production and no jello is not only difficult to achieve its also a personal thing that involves an appreciation of why you want to make the video in the first place - cinematography and telling a story, recording your jouney in FPV or vlogging, or making sure your YT product is HD quality. And finally, lets acknowledge the elephant in the room - I fly Mode 1 so if you want to fly my quad or if you want me to test your quad we might run into some difficulties."

Chad Nowak (FinalGlideAUS)


Spend an FPV weekend with FGA

Ask, Build, Fly, Immerse, Learn