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I am a valued test and research pilot/consultant for a number of high profile drone component manufacturers. My skills and expertise allow me to push limits to bring out optimum performance and to recognise how components can best be combined to maximise output. Manufacturers can be assured that my testing is very rigorous and very structured and that analysis/reports are fed back with detailed suggestions for improvements. I have references to demonstrate clearly that my input has made a significant positive impact on the final product.

"Chad's advice and recommendations have been immensely valuable to our business." Sean Blakemore (ImpulseRC)

"Speaking as a middle aged guy with an engineering degree and a ton of experience, if I did own my own company then Chad Nowak would be running the R&D department. He has a depth of knowledge that is very impressive. I am at a loss to understand why more drone manufacturers have not taken up his offer of assistance. He couples both deep technical knowledge AND amazing piloting skills - something that very few people possess in this industry."

Thomas Schuman.

First ever test of the Vortex 250

Testing 3 flight controllers