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I have been invited to demonstrate drone technology and the possible applications of quadcopters across numerous industries. I demonstrate and educate the public on realistic possibilities of using quadcopter technology at Science and Technology exhibitions (including formal government and business information sessions). I regularly give practical exhibitions at primary and secondary schools and present to tertiary training organisations. I am happy to discuss your particular requirements.


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"Chad took on leadership roles in the club and state body with enthusiams, professionalism, dedication and hard work. He is great company, has a great sense of humour and his enthusiasm motivates those around him."  Jenny Thompson (Darling Downs Soaring Club Inc)

About a year ago I introduced the KISS FC to the world in this location using the same song. It was the same location I flew the KISS 18a, KISS 30a, KISS 24a and first tried OneShot.  Now its DShot's turn to be flown here. DShot is the new ESC protocol from the mind of Felix (inventor of KISS products) and unlike many hype-driven things this protocol is proven to be an improvement uisng digital instead of analogue which gives a cleaner signal and can check for bad signal packets and throw them out. For those hung up on "its better because its faster" well its faster too.  Oh, and you can forget about ever needing to calibrate an ESC ever again.

Along with the new firmware being developed on the KISS FC I am rather excited to get this out into the community and I think it is worth trying if you fly KISS products. I have changed over all my quads to it now and I don't intend to go back unless I find something superior. I was'nt convinced at first but the combination of DShot with FC firmware changes has made the quad the smoothest flying experience I have had to date.