Chad Nowak

5x4.3x3 V1S




An updated frame from the company that invented the original Alien - an industry standard for innovation, durability and quality. As I did with the Alien I worked with Sean Blakemore and the engineers at ImpulseRC over many months of testing to produce a frame to my specs that incorporates all the features I have asked for in a freestyle quadcopter. Its been the highest selling frame globally in 2018/19.

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I worked collaboratively with a aviation professor over a 7 months period to design a propellor that I would be happy to use on my quadcopters. Its the only product ever to have my name of it. The V1S prop line comes in a variety of colours and durable materials and is the preferred prop by many of the best known celebrity pilots who gain commission on their sales.

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I have been a KISS enthusiast from day one. The firmware is highly valued and known for its quality and simplicity. As a long term senior test pilot I continue to test KISS products and assist with optimising the software code plus suggesting ways to improve useability and front end. The new simplified KISS FC V2 is the latest advancement in Flight Controllers.

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Please Note: I have never received any commission/remuneration on sales of this hardware.