Chad Nowak

"Chad Nowak is a truely iconic personality who is leaving a profound legacy in this rapidly emerging industry." Lance Woolf (FPV LIFE)



What do I do?

World renowed FPV pilot, aviation / RC technical knowledge, authoritative presenter, videographer - an ideal person to help you improve your product and wow your clients/audience.  More ...

Products I approve?

I couple RC models and aviation technical expertise with  flying/piloting experience to research, design, develop and test products to  benefit users all over the world. More ...

Who am I?

I am passionate about all things aviation. I travel the world flying my high performance drones in exotic places where I link up with like-minded FPV quadcopter enthusiasts. More ...

"I get an adrenalin rush when I work with companies to solve problems and help improve our lives through drone technology." Chad Nowak