FGA Stamp of Approval

This is a product I have had a major part in designing. Because of my input I am confident that the product exhibits a significant improvement over existing alternative offerings.

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This is a product I fully approve of and actually use myself. I recommend this product to pilots but it is not necessarily a product that I have had any input into.

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My aim has always been to help companies improve so I am prepared to recognise products I believe come up to my high standards of quality - but I do not necessarily use them every day.

Products ..........

Over the last 3 years manufacturers and innovators have approached me to help them develop a better product. I have spent a lot of my time testing and researching a wide variety of FPV quadcopter products and components. As a result of my input there are many products on the market today that have my imprint - improved performance, greater efficiency and better design.

I continually get asked for recommendations from first time fliers and the general public (and top pilots too). People want independent and fearless advice from experts but unfortunately, far too often these days, many comments offered are simply generic marketing hype. The buying public has become skeptical because of the suspicion that some opinions are actually only promoting product without due dilligence ie: buying a premium product based essentially on celebrity status.

My expertise comes from practical application and knowhow rather than via mechanical bench testing. I know by experience that its not necesssarily components with a high spec that make the difference. It's what components do and how components perform when linked together (and tuned) that can make a world of difference. For example, the most powerful motors hitched up to inferior firmware or inappropriate props may not provide the most optimum results. Diligent and sustained practical application eventually shows up what works and what does not.

I invite manufacturers to make contact and discuss their needs and aspirations. For those organisations who engage with me I will work diligently and cooperatively to help bring innovating ideas to the market and/or improve existing offerings. I am always happy to sign non disclosure agreements. If the end product or specific component comes up to my expectaions/ high standard then a FGA Stamp of Quality will be offered (on contract) so that a manufacturer will maximise consumer benefit and marketing exposure because the buying public can have confidence that the product meets or exceeds a high standard.

Gradually over time the FGA Stamp of Quality will begin to appear on a select number of products and components across various areas of the quadcopter industry. The first 2 major products that have my full approval are products that I fly every day. In collaboration with HQ Prop the "Chad Nowak" 5 x 4 x 3 V1S prop has characteristics that even the best pilots have endorsed. Its a design that has gone on to spur a new line of quad propellers. The newly released Reverb frame is an innovation I have co-developed over 5 months with ImpulseRC. Look out for more products with the FGA Stamp of Quality.

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"Chad has stayed at the very cutting edge of developments in FPV drones, consistently staying ahead of the curve."  Tony Cake (ImmersionRC)

"Chad Nowak has had huge input into making the Alien frame an industry standard - a benchmark for quality, efficiency and robustness.

The Reverb is also making a similar and significant impact on the hobby."  

Sean Blakemore (ImpulseRC)

Review of Reverb - Oscar Liang

ImpulseRC doesn't release new frames often and they take their time on new products to make sure they work. The Reverb is another great design with a high level of attention to detail.